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Some Concrete Ideas…

March 26, 2010 2 comments

So, I have been thinking a bit about my most recent post, along with a large chunk of my posts — and how they all focus on the very abstract concepts inherent in the field of communications. More importantly, I realized that although my brain may be conjuring up all of these abstract ideas, they may not be very useful for people since most people like to trust in facts and data.

So, I decided to start blogging with the intent of leaving the reader with a bit more than just my abstract ideas. I have now determined that I will have at least one concrete, actionable idea in each of my posts. Hopefully, people will find this a bit more useful — I know I will.

With that said, I have listed three ideas that companies/brands could use in order to be more authentic with their end-users/consumers are listed below. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

1. Determine where you want your brand/product/service to be in the next three to five years.

Now, I have know this may be a very tall order for some companies (this goes for individual teams within a company as well), simply because some are on autopilot right now and have not thought of their long-term strategy in a very, very long time. However, it is essential to think about if you want to reassess, reaffirm and re-calibrate the way you think of your company/brand. Besides, it keeps you on our toes and keeps you focused on the core, crucial aspects of your brand/service/product.

2. Engage three employees, at different levels of influence, to listen and research for customers who are on twitter, facebook and top bloggers in your field of service/product.

I say three for now because you can assume that you will have at least varying perspectives to work with. This will definitely take some time and investment, but it will be well worth it to have a solid understanding of how your customers really feel about your brand/service/product instead of what you tell yourself every day.

3. Although you will have “customer listeners” hard at work, you don’t necessarily have to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or even in the blogosphere.

It might help you look like you are in the social media space but it won’t help at all if you have no idea why you are there. So, determine what channels most resonate with your focus for your brand/company/service and then head to those mediums first and begin developing a presence there. This probably sounds counterintuitive given that everyone is talking about all of the emerging technologies, the rise of various digital media, etc. — however, the customer is who you should be focused on. If your customer is confused about your Twitter presence because you only joined because everyone else did — well, you have just given your customer a reason to doubt if you know what you are doing. And who wants to buy from someone who doesn’t seem to know what they are doing?

Those are my ideas for now…off to get some sleep…hope these help!



Is Social Media Really That Confounding?

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

So…I have been quite excited about Social Media Week New York thus far — and the fact that I can view some of the more prominent panels through LiveStream ( Awesome, isn’t it?!?!

Anyways, I digress.
I just wanted to say, to all of you who are confused about social media, please do not approach social media any differently than you would a new friendship with someone.
It is a relationship…the development of a potential friendship if you will.

So what does one do when trying to build a new friendship? You plot out dates for conversation, right? You invite the friend to events, discussions, etc., right? You keep your word, don’t lie and tend to your new friend’s feelings and ideas, right? You remain authentic, on time, flexible and present — right?
So how does one collect, track, aggregate and understand all of the data? Well, I challenge you with this — what is the purpose of developing your relationship with another person, right? Is it to get them to become a repeat customer? Is it to get them to become an actual purchaser? Is it to get them to spread the word about your brand? Is it to better understand what they need? Is it a combination of these questions and much more?
Focusing on your goal allows you to create a solid strategy.

If you focus on your strategy, then you can plot out any potential strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats (the SWOT analysis, remember?), the necessary and complementary tactics and THEN focus on the tools to use. You don’t pick up a hammer without knowing what you are going to hit, do you? Then why do you get on these social media tools without figuring out where you are going to focus???????

I Am A Digital Marketing Geek :-)

December 8, 2009 2 comments

Today, I participated in a webinar from Blue Hornet (@bluehornet) and Shoutlet (@shoutlet) about how powerful the combination of social media and email marketing can truly be — and it was awesome, highly informative and very great to realize how much of a geek I am, lol

Now, I began my career in the direct marketing space, specifically in email marketing — and I had no idea what email marketing was, let alone why it was important to anyone. I liked my boss but I did not understand any of the fun that could exist within email marketing. For a long time, I thought my work was quite futile.

I have now been doing email marketing for the past two years, while devoting my time outside of work to social media (starting off with Facebook, the creation of my two blogs and then my avid fascination/participation of Twitter). I know that those spaces are just the tip of the iceberg of social media but I point them out as my first steps into the world of social media.

I now proclaim myself as a digital marketing geek because my fascination and passion for digital marketing is past the point of increasing sales/revenue or the number of clicks for a link or even the number of opens for an email. No, my passion for digital marketing is fed by my belief that digital marketing, if leveraged correctly, can truly affect companies in a manner that forces them to behave in more human ways with their consumers. I believe that if companies interact with consumers as if they were interacting with the people they care about, instead of approaching their consumers as just numbers, then it would lead to more companies listening to their employees and making sure that their employees are fulfilled in the work they do. Who wants disgruntled employees directly interacting with their consumers?

Furthermore, I believe that this ‘human movement’ encourages companies to look past the sole goal of profit. There is nothing wrong with profit — it is pertinent to keeping for-profits and non-profits in existence. However, there is something wrong when the only purpose is profit and employees and consumers are tossed to the side as if they are not human beings. This movement that is fueled by social media and more consumer-centric approaches & strategies can only lead to companies realizing the need for a more refined passion and purpose — something bigger than profit that gives employees and consumers alike a bigger reason to support the company.

And this thought — that more companies will finally understand that amazing levels of profit go hand in hand with passion and purpose? That thought is what drives me to be the huge digital marketing geek that I finally claim to be. LOL…what can I say?