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Do Not Break…

March 13, 2010 8 comments

So Lupe Fiasco and Kenna just put out a hot new song called “Resurrection” and the video focuses solely on the crisis and catastrophe that occurred in Haiti earlier this year (I cannot believe it has been almost two months now, wow).

For me, this song focuses the most on is the concept of resurrection — rebuilding oneself, not allowing oneself to be broken by circumstances, forging ahead even in spite of what you see right in front of you. It is about ” the love, the strength, the passion” of people that Lupe Fiasco calls out in the song.

And this made me think even more about the daily assaults upon our personhood to break us down…to make us believe that we should not do the right thing by strangers, that we should not help other people who seem to have nothing in common with us, that we should not open our hearts to the pain of others, regardless of their circumstances. These daily assaults come in a myriad of forms. Sometimes these are outright assaults or sometimes it is just when you are confronted with someone’s lies, thievery or insecurities.

I mean, isn’t this world a funny one in which we all bump into each other, at varying speeds and degrees, knocking each other around with our energies? Whether those energies are frenetic, slow as molasses, airy or heavy — we all are just molecules moving at the speed of sound, light…what have you.

Maybe  if we saw the world like that — maybe if we understood just how interconnected we all truly are…maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t treat people as a threat to our existence or our humanity. Maybe we wouldn’t harm people just because we are broken inside. Maybe we wouldn’t assume that we have to go it all alone in this world and just use people as pawns in our own scripts. Maybe.

And if not…if people are not going to see how interconnected the world is…then I say to all of you who see the world as a big interconnected highway of molecules moving with kinetic energy — I say to you…don’t let anyone break you. Don’t give in and give up hope for a better existence, for a better life, for the chance to rebuild and reinvent yourself every single day.

Instead…Be YOU. And then take who you are and focus on helping other people to understand that, focus on helping other people to not lose hope. Just as we need to do in Haiti…we must do it for everyone.



Community Is Important For Your Customers AND Your Employees

March 7, 2010 1 comment

I think I have been hammering on about this for sometime now…in this blog, in conversations with friends and family and just to myself sometimes, lol. And before you go any further…here is what spurred this current blog post — this wonderful “Cluetrain Manifesto”.

But now I am going to write about this as much as I do about digital communications, passion and music — why? Because all of them are inherently bond to each other…each of them is bound in the concept of community. That wonderful entity that I love so much — I actually think the word community was made for people like me…people who love to connect with people, who love authenticity and who love helping people…but I digress, lol.

Too many companies fail to understand the vital role that a community plays in the company’s future success. Not your success three years down the line but a decade from now and even further into the future. Marketing as people understand it now will, frankly, no longer exist. Marketing will be essentially community management. Yes, I said it. Marketing as community management will be what consumers and employees demand in less than five years.

Community gives your consumers a sense of purpose and does not leave them feeling as if you just used them for their money – I mean, who actually enjoys feeling used? I don’t care if people look at it as a part of life…no one like how it feels, not really. And your consumers are fed up with feeling used — trust me, they most definitely are fed up. And now they have the means to ignore you, switch teams and leave you in the dust. So giving your consumers more than just your stale and vacant messages is now required of you. But who will build these communities with you and with the consumer?

Yep…you guessed it. Your beloved employees will be building these communities with the consumer.

And I mean beloved. You had better get used to looking at your employees in that manner because they are fed up of being used — not being acknowledged nor encouraged to grow and learn. And they will leave you as well if you continue to ignore the beauty and necessity of community. Not a good scenario for future growth, is it?

Some of you may already understand the importance of building a community and now are wondering how one goes about building a community — check out Jono Bacon’s “Art Of Community” book. I have this book and it is great…it really is. Jono understands approaching people as people — not as cogs for you (the company) to just use for your benefit.

But for all of you who are still resisting this idea of community, especially community between your employees and consumers…I am urging you to STOP.

Just as everyone thought music would solely exist in the hands of the record companies, that passion was something that people should do in only a small portion of their lives and that the Internet would not be able to stand on its own two legs — those people were wrong then just as you are wrong now. So…let it go and recognize that it is okay to be wrong sometimes. Just let go of your old ideas and at least take a peek at what is not coming around the bend but what is already here. And it is better for you to be proactive and focus on building a community for your engaged consumers and employees — instead of being reactive and struggling to earn the trust of your remaining employees and consumers to gain a space in their communities. It is becoming increasingly hard to earn people’s trust…so let your employees and consumers converse with each other and actually build a community now, huh?


How To Be An Innovator For Life

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

This video has been very inspiring and self-affirming to me. Tom Kelley, the general manager at IDEO, is so energetic and fun to listen to during his speech. He made some excellent points about how one can cultivate one’s creativity — which I agree with him is the key to having fun in this life (or at least that is my take on it). Anyhoo, I believe that we are all here on this Earth to grow and become our more authentic selves. Now, maybe not all of us are ready for this but I do believe a lot of people are striving for it — what with all of the proclaimed searches for the meaning in life or for one’s passion, etc. And I think creativity goes a very, very long way to helping people to grow and get closer to their authentic selves. But I digress…I really just wanted to share this great video…soo, without further adieu… 🙂

How To Be An Innovator For Life


Now, I have posted the link to the video above, but for those of you who may not have the time to watch/listen to the whole video…below is my outline of all of the main points that Mr. Kelley discussed. Hope it makes you smile and reminds you to cultivate your creativity.

Five Ways To Be An Innovator For Life:

1. Think like a traveler –> Be more aware and notice everything…be mindful to see with fresh eyes instead of assuming there is nothing to see.

2. Treat life as an experiment –> Be willing to fail and take risks…fail forward, learn and keep growing…it helps you build your self-confidence

3. Having an attitude of wisdom –> Have a healthy balance of confidence in what you know and a good sense of distrust in what you know to keep yourself constantly yearning to learn more.

4. Use your whole brain and use your tortoise brain –> Do not just rely on your left or right brain…use the whole brain and see yourself as a whole individual with both sides. Your tortoise brain is that mind that is not completely under your direct control and allows you to contemplate, reflect, etc. — the tortoise brain is the one that you access when you are daydreaming or sleeping…let it work for you by actively connecting with it.

5. Follow your passion –> Do what you love not just because it is a phrase you have heard constantly but because you will be better at it. When you follow your passion, you are willing to put in more energy and time to manifest it. Lastly, think of what you are good at, what you are born to do, what you will be paid for and who you will be working with even when following your passion(s) –> Kelley was sure to mention this because if you are following your passion & the other qualifiers all fall into place, it can still be ruined by those who you work with.

As Kelley said, it’s ok to be an artist! 🙂

Passion is NOT Overwhelming…

December 23, 2009 Leave a comment

At least not at first glance.

I have been reading the “What Matters Now” e-book discussed by Seth Godin and thoroughly enjoying all of the fabulous contributions to said e-book. (You can directly download the e-book here). I have had some great revelations from this e-book but what stood out the most for me, especially as the writer of a blog that began focusing solely on finding one’s passion — is that we have set our expectations way too large for what our passion looks and feels like.

I have been walking around, searching for my passion — the one, true passion that would just fill me up with excitement, dedication, passion and conviction and I would finally know for sure that I was on the right path for my career and my life.

However, while reading this e-book, I learned that we have a tendency to idealize what our passion should feel like to us –> I mean, it is the magic word of the time. Everyone talks about it but very little articulate to you how they knew they were on the right path. The section in this e-book written by Derek Sivers, called “Passion” illuminates how we can tell if we are on the right path to finding a passion –> “just notice what excites you and what scares you on a small moment-to-moment level”.

That does not seem to overwhelming or difficult anymore, does it? I know for me, as soon as I read that, I completely got it and felt free from my former perspective. It just clicked that I didn’t have to make my passion into this singular, elusive, far-off entity — my passion(s) are with me every single day, I just have to pay more attention to them. All of our passions are with us, all of the time. AND, we all have at least one passion — all of us.

So, just pay attention to each day and those moments when it feels exciting, terrifiying and just down right intriguing. And then dig a little deeper…passion is not this thunder bolt from the sky, it is the pitter patter of rain drops falling on you that grow to be this rushing, overwhelming, consuming feeling and conviction that so many people describe. It may not be your passion forever, but trust that it is your passion right now.

Just curious: after reading this, are you aware of some areas that you are passionate about that you never regarded as your passion before? Or even better, are you looking at activities that you knew were passions with a renewed sense of certainty that you are digging in the the right direction?

Please share your thoughts. 🙂

Ignore Those “Barriers”….

December 1, 2009 3 comments

Just sitting in on the free webinar from IntroNetworks, “The 8 Networking Competencies You Need to Know: Conversation with author Lynne Waymon”, and I have to say just one thing before I go any further with this post. IntroNetworks is truly great about these free webinars — it has been such a source of information (and great books to read) and I love the fact that it is highly accessible.

Okay, now on to my original thought. While sitting on the webinar (and in reflection of my thoughts from last night), I realized that networking can be most impactful when you are clear on what you are trying to convey to people. This means the very first step of what Ms. Lynne Waymon conveyed — capitalize on your style — includes paying attention to who you are, what works for you and then using that to your advantage.

I bring all of this up because, of course, I have had a reflection into what is going on in my own personal life, lol. I know what is important to me and what I have to focus on when I network with people…always bring forward how important it is to me that I engage with individuals, companies and situations where passion, purpose and profit are all clear — I am a firm believer that passion, purpose and profit all have to live together in order for any idea to grow. Otherwise, the idea will flounder if it is not fueled by passionate people, if it lacks a clear goal, or if it does not have some funding to get it off the ground.

And it was not until last night that I finally understood that none of them were mutually exclusive but that there are lots of people out there just like me, who believe this and who are working to grow this niche/space — and that was such a great feeling. Which is why I sounded so crazy last night ( It was because I finally got that I did not have to give up my passion for life/love/connectivity/humanity, my purpose of helping people nor my desire to help companies make a profit — I can and will do all three in my career. And that excites me beyond everything I can think of.

So what does this mean for you? This just means — don’t let any “barriers” in front of you force you to deny a part of yourself, a part of yourself that you sense must be fulfilled in your career. Don’t believe that you must give up something that you care about just in order to fit a job…NO. If you sense that a job does not fit you, if a company does not fit you and you sense something is off…follow that feeling. It means that you are denying something that is essential to yourself and you have a duty to yourself and your life to find out what that is — so then you can go out and find where it is honored.

I am done for now…now, to put these networking tools to work….talk to you all later. 😉

Check out or the link below for more information their 8 Networking Competencies — it is quite helpful if you want to be more effective with your networking.

Also, check out for any webinars that you may be interested in — they are great!

“I am one with the heart of an activist, the soul of a dreamer and the mind of a capitalist — melding purpose, passion and profit…as far as I am concerned, it is the only way to live this beautiful blessing called life.” – Me

I Pledge To Sing…

July 18, 2009 1 comment

I love to sing.

I sing to myself at work, on the bus, on the train, dancing around my house, in the car, in the shower, while cleaning…whatever I am doing 99% of the time singing brings me great joy. And I have ALWAYS dreamed of singing in front of people and inspiring them with my voice and music. 

I absolutely love music…with all of my heart. I love the self-expression inherent in its creation and performance. I have an ear for the various sounds in a song and can usually determine the lyrics of a song upon my first time hearing it. I am not writing all of this to impress anyone but simply to write it down, for myself, how very important and influential music is in my life.

With that said, I think you can guess that music is a very deep passion for me…but one I am terrified of the most. Can I actually sing out loud in front of loads of people, by myself? Will I even sound good? Do I need vocal training to truly maximize my vocal potential? Or do I just throw myself into it? Do I even know the first thing about recording? If I sing, if I try to sing for a living, what will that mean for me? What will my family and friends think? Is it the “practical” approach to life? Will I just be eating out a can of beans for the rest of my life? Will I just flop? Or will I soar? And if I soar, how high could I possibly go?

As you can tell, I have a lot of hang-ups when it comes to one of my greatest passions. I mean, I have even joined groups regarding singing to try and encourage myself to get out there. But I have not budged.

SO, I am finally making a pledge to myself (and I guess to all of you, whoever you may be), to sing publicly (by myself) before the end of this year 2009. I am pledging to sing a full song in front a group of family/friends/strangers.

Any suggestions to help me keep me this pledge? Or have any of you made any pledges to yourself to fulfill your own passions/dreams? Any you would like to make now? Please share!