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Do Not Break…

March 13, 2010 8 comments

So Lupe Fiasco and Kenna just put out a hot new song called “Resurrection” and the video focuses solely on the crisis and catastrophe that occurred in Haiti earlier this year (I cannot believe it has been almost two months now, wow).

For me, this song focuses the most on is the concept of resurrection — rebuilding oneself, not allowing oneself to be broken by circumstances, forging ahead even in spite of what you see right in front of you. It is about ” the love, the strength, the passion” of people that Lupe Fiasco calls out in the song.

And this made me think even more about the daily assaults upon our personhood to break us down…to make us believe that we should not do the right thing by strangers, that we should not help other people who seem to have nothing in common with us, that we should not open our hearts to the pain of others, regardless of their circumstances. These daily assaults come in a myriad of forms. Sometimes these are outright assaults or sometimes it is just when you are confronted with someone’s lies, thievery or insecurities.

I mean, isn’t this world a funny one in which we all bump into each other, at varying speeds and degrees, knocking each other around with our energies? Whether those energies are frenetic, slow as molasses, airy or heavy — we all are just molecules moving at the speed of sound, light…what have you.

Maybe  if we saw the world like that — maybe if we understood just how interconnected we all truly are…maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t treat people as a threat to our existence or our humanity. Maybe we wouldn’t harm people just because we are broken inside. Maybe we wouldn’t assume that we have to go it all alone in this world and just use people as pawns in our own scripts. Maybe.

And if not…if people are not going to see how interconnected the world is…then I say to all of you who see the world as a big interconnected highway of molecules moving with kinetic energy — I say to you…don’t let anyone break you. Don’t give in and give up hope for a better existence, for a better life, for the chance to rebuild and reinvent yourself every single day.

Instead…Be YOU. And then take who you are and focus on helping other people to understand that, focus on helping other people to not lose hope. Just as we need to do in Haiti…we must do it for everyone.



I Am An Artist…And So Are YOU

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 has begun as a year in which I am fully believing in who I have always been…and it feels beautiful. Not only does it feel beautiful but I am manifesting itself in so many spaces in my life — I am receiving so much confirmation and affirmation, it is amazing.

I am an artist. I am a singer.  I am a dancer.  I am a writer. I am a connector. I am a motivator. I am a mentor.  I am a creator. I am inspiration.


“Art is what we we’re doing when we do our best work.” – Seth Godin, Linchpin, (Why Seth Godin Wrote Linchpin and About Linchpin)

“…start thinking in terms of “gifts” — things that people choose to give for specific reasons.” – Ivan Askwith, Big Spaceship, Getting Past Viral

When we are doing our best work, we are giving ourselves to the world — we are being artists.  Giving of ourselves is what encourages people to share back with you — it is what gives the digital space its humanity. In light of my own personal declarations, revelations and reading of minds that I admire (such as Godin and Askwith) — all of my blog posts moving forward will be a gift from me to you. I have spent the past two years blogging here and at Writing To My Heart’s Content –> trying to make sense of my existence, reaching for something more in spite of what “reality” showed me and growing into myself. And now that growth phase has occurred and I am coming out of my cocoon. Will I grow more in the future? God, I hope so. But I am ready to share more than just my thoughts as random ramblings. I am ready to focus on you and what you need and want.

Now…now I am ready to challenge you to join me. No one may have ever told you this before….but you are an artist. You have something (if not many things) to give to and share with this world. Too many of us have forgotten this and it is time for us to remember — regardless of what your work, family situation, etc. may be. Join me in growing and pushing yourself to give more to this world, in every facet…we are going to take this one step at a time. Trust me.   🙂

How To Be An Innovator For Life

January 8, 2010 Leave a comment

This video has been very inspiring and self-affirming to me. Tom Kelley, the general manager at IDEO, is so energetic and fun to listen to during his speech. He made some excellent points about how one can cultivate one’s creativity — which I agree with him is the key to having fun in this life (or at least that is my take on it). Anyhoo, I believe that we are all here on this Earth to grow and become our more authentic selves. Now, maybe not all of us are ready for this but I do believe a lot of people are striving for it — what with all of the proclaimed searches for the meaning in life or for one’s passion, etc. And I think creativity goes a very, very long way to helping people to grow and get closer to their authentic selves. But I digress…I really just wanted to share this great video…soo, without further adieu… 🙂

How To Be An Innovator For Life


Now, I have posted the link to the video above, but for those of you who may not have the time to watch/listen to the whole video…below is my outline of all of the main points that Mr. Kelley discussed. Hope it makes you smile and reminds you to cultivate your creativity.

Five Ways To Be An Innovator For Life:

1. Think like a traveler –> Be more aware and notice everything…be mindful to see with fresh eyes instead of assuming there is nothing to see.

2. Treat life as an experiment –> Be willing to fail and take risks…fail forward, learn and keep growing…it helps you build your self-confidence

3. Having an attitude of wisdom –> Have a healthy balance of confidence in what you know and a good sense of distrust in what you know to keep yourself constantly yearning to learn more.

4. Use your whole brain and use your tortoise brain –> Do not just rely on your left or right brain…use the whole brain and see yourself as a whole individual with both sides. Your tortoise brain is that mind that is not completely under your direct control and allows you to contemplate, reflect, etc. — the tortoise brain is the one that you access when you are daydreaming or sleeping…let it work for you by actively connecting with it.

5. Follow your passion –> Do what you love not just because it is a phrase you have heard constantly but because you will be better at it. When you follow your passion, you are willing to put in more energy and time to manifest it. Lastly, think of what you are good at, what you are born to do, what you will be paid for and who you will be working with even when following your passion(s) –> Kelley was sure to mention this because if you are following your passion & the other qualifiers all fall into place, it can still be ruined by those who you work with.

As Kelley said, it’s ok to be an artist! 🙂

My Legacy

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I had an epiphany today, while at work and reflecting on the power of one’s thoughts and words, and I realized that my legacy encompasses the growth of creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love.

Let me say this again — my legacy encompasses the growth of creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love.

This epiphany may not sound like very much to you, but to me it is highly important to me in three distinct ways. First, this legacy is one that I ALWAYS carry with me…in all spaces – work, home, everywhere. Which means that I always have an opportunity to leave my imprint in every space and with all people I encounter – I always have that power.

Second, the important part of my legacy is that it involves growth – growth for myself and for others around me, which means there is always a constant challenge and opportunity to leave my imprint.

Lastly, my legacy is a full reflection of all the various aspects of my vision for this world…one in which people are healing and putting together the pieces of their lives. Helping people to become whole – and I believe that creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love all help people to heal themselves.

And really, I just want people to heal themselves because I only believe it leads to the healing of this world and making it a bit better for future generations.

I just want to liberate people from their fear.

To be or not to be…committed?

September 2, 2009 Leave a comment

I am not a woman who embraces commitment very well…not even in the least bit. As a matter of fact, I have a terrible habit of running as fast and fighting as hard as I can when commitment comes into the room. It frightens me and always leaves me thinking that I am going to lose my hold on myself…essentially losing my freedom. And I just cannot have that.

However, I am learning that sometimes, being “committed” to people, things, situations, places, etc. is what we need to do sometimes in order to help ourselves further grow. I have made a choice recently to be more active about checking up on my loved ones, although it kinda irks me to try and stay on top of it all. Not because I don’t want to hang out with my loved ones — I am just not a fan of feeling like I have to schedule so much or even be possibly obligated.

But that is not what this post is really about. This post is about a tall, skinny, intelligent young man. A young man who I feel safe and comfortable with when I talk to or hang out with him. However, when I am not near him (which is the majority of time), I don’t feel safe nor comfortable. Instead, I feel ridiculously vulnerable, confused and just plain bleh. I don’t know what to do with him…honestly, I don’t. 

What if he is just using me as some chick he can lure to come and hook up with him, one of a merry-go-round of chicks that he has in his Rolodex? What if he is just hoping to have some companionship and I just happen to be the woman he is looking to as a target right now? I mean, we can’t have a substantial relationship due to our current circumstances, geographically and otherwise. Which leaves me wondering where the hell anything could ever get with him!

Or maybe I am just overreacting? Maybe I am just freaking out and wondering all of these ideas about him because I have nothing rooted down to tell me that he actually wants me. Well besides the fact that he told me that it would be really cool if we could be a couple. But to me, that may just be him doing his wishful thinking out loud, right? 

Maybe I should just visit him and treat him as just a hook up and not give a damn about any actual conversation or eye gazing? If I let myself really engage in any of those latter actitivites, will I just end up with my heart ripped out and having my crazy chick come out like the freaking Incredible Hulk?

Who knows? Who knows anything? I sure as hell don’t…but I guess that is the whole point of committing yourself to life, right? You commit yourself to life and all of its possibilities, good and bad, and still hope for the best. Still carry on and hopefully grow and stretch. At last, I hope I am right on this stuff. Otherwise, I am completely screwed.  


I am still a baby…lol

August 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Simple epiphany today: 

I don’t know everything. Sometimes I like to think that I do, but I don’t at all. I have all of the studies in the world under my belt (well not all, but a good chunk), the resources and the networks. But I still have got A LOT of learning to do about life and love and sustaining it all and helping all of those things to grow. A LOT. 

So…I keep on keeping on as I grow and experience life. That is all I can do.