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Is Social Media Really That Confounding?

February 2, 2010 Leave a comment

So…I have been quite excited about Social Media Week New York thus far — and the fact that I can view some of the more prominent panels through LiveStream ( Awesome, isn’t it?!?!

Anyways, I digress.
I just wanted to say, to all of you who are confused about social media, please do not approach social media any differently than you would a new friendship with someone.
It is a relationship…the development of a potential friendship if you will.

So what does one do when trying to build a new friendship? You plot out dates for conversation, right? You invite the friend to events, discussions, etc., right? You keep your word, don’t lie and tend to your new friend’s feelings and ideas, right? You remain authentic, on time, flexible and present — right?
So how does one collect, track, aggregate and understand all of the data? Well, I challenge you with this — what is the purpose of developing your relationship with another person, right? Is it to get them to become a repeat customer? Is it to get them to become an actual purchaser? Is it to get them to spread the word about your brand? Is it to better understand what they need? Is it a combination of these questions and much more?
Focusing on your goal allows you to create a solid strategy.

If you focus on your strategy, then you can plot out any potential strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats (the SWOT analysis, remember?), the necessary and complementary tactics and THEN focus on the tools to use. You don’t pick up a hammer without knowing what you are going to hit, do you? Then why do you get on these social media tools without figuring out where you are going to focus???????