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Connecting is at the Crux

March 26, 2010 Leave a comment

I just spent an amazing afternoon/evening with a really good friend of mine (Chris J.). It is always refreshing because he is so present to your presence when you spend time with him. He is also very much like a clear landing strip in the sense that he allows you the space to just be your complete self – and it feels awesome!

As I was bonding with him, we spoke about my passion for digital communications, the internet and the power that is now in the hands of the end-user. And as I was discussing with him these passions combined with my passions for singing, writing, dancing and maybe even acting, he expressed what I am trying to express through all of these mediums. What he expressed was so powerful for me and I processed it as my deep desire to help people/companies/brands reach their authentic selves and my deep need to share myself with the world. Why am I bringing this up?

I bring all of this up because I, once again, am calling for brands/companies/individuals to strive for their authentic selves. Why? Simply because that is what most resonates with people. I believe that there is a proliferation within the world of communications (and other fields as well) in which people seem to have forgotten their own humanity and that what people resonate most with is authenticity and empathy. If you (the brand/company/person) is being authentic, then you are operating at the level of self that also will be empathetic (just my own belief).

And if people are resonating with you, you do not even need to sell to them because they will want to buy whatever you have to offer – trust me on this one. I see it everyday when people act from a space of authenticity & empathy — others tend to respond with reciprocity. Check out this awesome pizza place in Berkeley, CA –> The Cheese Board…where there is always a long line for the great pizza, they create a sense of community in the way they treat people and by supporting local artists. And they don’t have to sell to people because people sense their authenticity & empathy and respond in like.

So, take a step and strip away all of the b.s. and busyness all around you and FOCUS on what your brand/company/personhood is OFFERING the end user instead of what you will GET…trust, it works everytime, regardless of what digital or traditional medium of communication that you use. 😉



Faith + Emotional Connection = Inspiring Communications

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Emotional connection is the ONLY reason I do marketing/communications. It is why I love choosing this career — the possibilities to connect with people, to learn, to create and to somehow influence people to see/feel/touch/taste/hear things in a different way?

Faith and emotional connection are what move people — the faith comes as a result of the emotional connection that one makes with a loved one or even stranger. Emotional connection to President Barack Obama is what instilled the unbending faith that so many people have in him. Emotional connection to Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Queen Rania, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Maria Shriver, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz and so many others across a myriad of fields are successful and communicate well with their audiences because of the emotional connection that they have with their audiences. The emotional connection that has been cultivated, nurtured and grown is what allows for their audiences to have faith in their thoughts, words and actions and allow them the latitude to be human and make mistakes.

How does one cultivate that emotional connection? Lead with your empathy, authenticity and honesty — everyone wonders how to tap into this but we all have it…if you haven’t felt it for some time, you will if you pay attention long enough. How does a brand/company cultivate that emotional connection? In the same exact manner – lead with one’s empathy, authenticity and honesty in regards to one’s brand. Customers/clients will appreciate you for it in the long run and it will help them to trust you. Pay attention to what your customers want/need, be authentic to your brand and be honest with yourselves & customers. Look at Apple, Dell, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Google, Amazon, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and so many more — they all are authentic & honest to the core of their specific brands and are empathetic to their customers/clients in that they pay attention to what they need and always keep them in their sights. And their customers/clients reward them by being return customers and amazing brand evangelists. I know that I love Apple, Google, Trader Joe’s and Amazon — and I refer them to my friends and loved ones whenever I can. Isn’t that what every brand wants? To have excited customers who will provide the most valuable marketing vehicle ever — word-of-mouth?

Don’t get too hung up on all of the data, “proof” and measurements. At the end of the day, we are all human beings and humans are guided by intrinsic factors that just cannot be captured. So lead…lead with empathy, authenticity & honesty to build emotional connection, eventually instill faith and have inspiring communications with your audience.

My Legacy

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

I had an epiphany today, while at work and reflecting on the power of one’s thoughts and words, and I realized that my legacy encompasses the growth of creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love.

Let me say this again — my legacy encompasses the growth of creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love.

This epiphany may not sound like very much to you, but to me it is highly important to me in three distinct ways. First, this legacy is one that I ALWAYS carry with me…in all spaces – work, home, everywhere. Which means that I always have an opportunity to leave my imprint in every space and with all people I encounter – I always have that power.

Second, the important part of my legacy is that it involves growth – growth for myself and for others around me, which means there is always a constant challenge and opportunity to leave my imprint.

Lastly, my legacy is a full reflection of all the various aspects of my vision for this world…one in which people are healing and putting together the pieces of their lives. Helping people to become whole – and I believe that creativity, empathy, innovation, connectivity and love all help people to heal themselves.

And really, I just want people to heal themselves because I only believe it leads to the healing of this world and making it a bit better for future generations.

I just want to liberate people from their fear.