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Some Concrete Ideas…

March 26, 2010 2 comments

So, I have been thinking a bit about my most recent post, along with a large chunk of my posts — and how they all focus on the very abstract concepts inherent in the field of communications. More importantly, I realized that although my brain may be conjuring up all of these abstract ideas, they may not be very useful for people since most people like to trust in facts and data.

So, I decided to start blogging with the intent of leaving the reader with a bit more than just my abstract ideas. I have now determined that I will have at least one concrete, actionable idea in each of my posts. Hopefully, people will find this a bit more useful — I know I will.

With that said, I have listed three ideas that companies/brands could use in order to be more authentic with their end-users/consumers are listed below. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

1. Determine where you want your brand/product/service to be in the next three to five years.

Now, I have know this may be a very tall order for some companies (this goes for individual teams within a company as well), simply because some are on autopilot right now and have not thought of their long-term strategy in a very, very long time. However, it is essential to think about if you want to reassess, reaffirm and re-calibrate the way you think of your company/brand. Besides, it keeps you on our toes and keeps you focused on the core, crucial aspects of your brand/service/product.

2. Engage three employees, at different levels of influence, to listen and research for customers who are on twitter, facebook and top bloggers in your field of service/product.

I say three for now because you can assume that you will have at least varying perspectives to work with. This will definitely take some time and investment, but it will be well worth it to have a solid understanding of how your customers really feel about your brand/service/product instead of what you tell yourself every day.

3. Although you will have “customer listeners” hard at work, you don’t necessarily have to have a presence on Facebook, Twitter or even in the blogosphere.

It might help you look like you are in the social media space but it won’t help at all if you have no idea why you are there. So, determine what channels most resonate with your focus for your brand/company/service and then head to those mediums first and begin developing a presence there. This probably sounds counterintuitive given that everyone is talking about all of the emerging technologies, the rise of various digital media, etc. — however, the customer is who you should be focused on. If your customer is confused about your Twitter presence because you only joined because everyone else did — well, you have just given your customer a reason to doubt if you know what you are doing. And who wants to buy from someone who doesn’t seem to know what they are doing?

Those are my ideas for now…off to get some sleep…hope these help!



I Am An Artist…And So Are YOU

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 has begun as a year in which I am fully believing in who I have always been…and it feels beautiful. Not only does it feel beautiful but I am manifesting itself in so many spaces in my life — I am receiving so much confirmation and affirmation, it is amazing.

I am an artist. I am a singer.  I am a dancer.  I am a writer. I am a connector. I am a motivator. I am a mentor.  I am a creator. I am inspiration.


“Art is what we we’re doing when we do our best work.” – Seth Godin, Linchpin, (Why Seth Godin Wrote Linchpin and About Linchpin)

“…start thinking in terms of “gifts” — things that people choose to give for specific reasons.” – Ivan Askwith, Big Spaceship, Getting Past Viral

When we are doing our best work, we are giving ourselves to the world — we are being artists.  Giving of ourselves is what encourages people to share back with you — it is what gives the digital space its humanity. In light of my own personal declarations, revelations and reading of minds that I admire (such as Godin and Askwith) — all of my blog posts moving forward will be a gift from me to you. I have spent the past two years blogging here and at Writing To My Heart’s Content –> trying to make sense of my existence, reaching for something more in spite of what “reality” showed me and growing into myself. And now that growth phase has occurred and I am coming out of my cocoon. Will I grow more in the future? God, I hope so. But I am ready to share more than just my thoughts as random ramblings. I am ready to focus on you and what you need and want.

Now…now I am ready to challenge you to join me. No one may have ever told you this before….but you are an artist. You have something (if not many things) to give to and share with this world. Too many of us have forgotten this and it is time for us to remember — regardless of what your work, family situation, etc. may be. Join me in growing and pushing yourself to give more to this world, in every facet…we are going to take this one step at a time. Trust me.   🙂

Faith + Emotional Connection = Inspiring Communications

January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Emotional connection is the ONLY reason I do marketing/communications. It is why I love choosing this career — the possibilities to connect with people, to learn, to create and to somehow influence people to see/feel/touch/taste/hear things in a different way?

Faith and emotional connection are what move people — the faith comes as a result of the emotional connection that one makes with a loved one or even stranger. Emotional connection to President Barack Obama is what instilled the unbending faith that so many people have in him. Emotional connection to Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Queen Rania, Will Smith, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Daniel Pink, Larry King, Anderson Cooper, Maria Shriver, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz and so many others across a myriad of fields are successful and communicate well with their audiences because of the emotional connection that they have with their audiences. The emotional connection that has been cultivated, nurtured and grown is what allows for their audiences to have faith in their thoughts, words and actions and allow them the latitude to be human and make mistakes.

How does one cultivate that emotional connection? Lead with your empathy, authenticity and honesty — everyone wonders how to tap into this but we all have it…if you haven’t felt it for some time, you will if you pay attention long enough. How does a brand/company cultivate that emotional connection? In the same exact manner – lead with one’s empathy, authenticity and honesty in regards to one’s brand. Customers/clients will appreciate you for it in the long run and it will help them to trust you. Pay attention to what your customers want/need, be authentic to your brand and be honest with yourselves & customers. Look at Apple, Dell, Starbucks, Jamba Juice, Google, Amazon, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and so many more — they all are authentic & honest to the core of their specific brands and are empathetic to their customers/clients in that they pay attention to what they need and always keep them in their sights. And their customers/clients reward them by being return customers and amazing brand evangelists. I know that I love Apple, Google, Trader Joe’s and Amazon — and I refer them to my friends and loved ones whenever I can. Isn’t that what every brand wants? To have excited customers who will provide the most valuable marketing vehicle ever — word-of-mouth?

Don’t get too hung up on all of the data, “proof” and measurements. At the end of the day, we are all human beings and humans are guided by intrinsic factors that just cannot be captured. So lead…lead with empathy, authenticity & honesty to build emotional connection, eventually instill faith and have inspiring communications with your audience.