Inspired To Fly

This is my third attempt at a blog — but this time it feels purpose-driven. There are SO many people like me who are young, recent college graduates and who are trying to figure out their lives…specifically in regards to their career paths. And I know how important it is to not feel like you are going crazy, constantly switching your future career plans. Or to even have your career plans this ridiculously vague and fuzzy entity just out of reach. 

Now, I know that everyone is talking about ‘passion’, how to find it and what to then do with it. I do not claim to know any specific, fool-proof way to find one’s passion(s) nor do I even claim to know what to do with your passion(s) once you “find” it. However, I do know that I (amongst lots of other people) have a passion for life — a passion to forge ahead, find out more from life and grow more into oneself. And most definitely a passion to express myself on a more constant basis than on just the weekends. 

So this blog is to share insights, tips and anything else that strikes me throughout my journey to develop my passions…maybe even into a career. My day job is just a job. My career is my passion for life.

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