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I feel a change coming…

I feel that this blog is about to shift direction….again, lol.

I am passionate about a lot of things in this life and I figure that I should spend my life leaning into all of my fears and doubts to pursue all of my passions. Why you may ask?

Simply because I cannot live with myself if I come to the end of my life and realize that I did not follow a dream that God placed in my heart simply out of fear, doubts, etc.. If I did not pursue it because I grew tired of it or no longer had the fire in my belly to pursue it — that would be fine. But to just hide myself away from my own dream(s) simply because I am scared??? Nope…not for me…not in this life. As long as the fire in my belly exists to express myself in this world, in a myriad of spaces, I will keep pushing myself. It is what keeps me going, lol…besides…I like leaning into the fear…it tastes sweet and feels amazing when you make your fear your friend, lol.

So is this blog really shifting? Not really…I guess…since at the core of it is the pursuit of one’s passions. I am currently pursuing one of my passions — helping to solve people’s problems within the space of social media. Is it feasible to pursue more than one passion at a time? I hope so…because that is just what I am about to do, lol.

Keep you posted! 😉

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