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Oscars + Twitter = Lots of Fun

Just wanted to write a quick post today.

Last night, I watched the Oscars with boat loads of other people. How did I know this? We all live-tweeted the event together…and it was greatness.

Not only did it give the Oscars a bit more hmmmph that it could not provide on its own, it most definitely provided me with such a huge sense of community. The Oscars is not just about who wins — it is also about people paying attention to who wins…if there is no one to witness it, does it really hold that much significance? Does it really stand as the “great” Oscars? Or is it just another awards show without the audience?

Which got me to thinking about the attempt by the 82nd Annual Academy Award show to integrate younger viewers into the fold. I thought their use of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron and some others was an attempt but not as great an attempt as they are going to have to do next year. Either they are going to keep sprinkling in the young crowd — who by the way really have got to stop slouching in their dresses and hacking on stage, lol — OR they are going to have to integrate the world of digital media in order to garner more audience viewership (young and old). What about turning their forum board on Oscars.com into a space for all of us who were live-tweeting last night? Or maybe highlighting more that there is a Facebook page for the Oscars and they would love to hear people’s feedback on how they can make the show better for next year?

Or maybe the Academy doesn’t need all of that quite yet? Maybe it is just better for all of us in the audience to make our side remarks without the Academy infringing upon our “privacy”? Who knows? All I know is — Twitter made watching the Oscars a lot more fun for me. And maybe…just maybe, I am not the only who feels this way.   😉


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