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Gamers Love Finding Solutions…at least this gamer does, lol

As I look up from my recent download of “Virtual Villagers 3, The Secret City, I think I have to admit to myself — I am definitely a gamer.

Now, I am not a gamer as in I do it all of the time, every second of my day…there is no way I could, simply because I am at work for most of my days, lol. But I do love a good storytelling/simulation game — I really, really do.

My utmost favorite game of all time? The whole Sims series from EA. I just find it so fascinating and enthralling to build these stories, to simulate the lives of these Sims, to direct and see how it all plays out. With Virtual Villagers, I can do the same thing — although it more limited to solving the puzzles on the island.

Then of course, there are my Diner Dash games — that whole series always has me hooked because I love the challenge in trying to beat the level threshold and to rebuild the restaurants, hotels, etc..

Lastly, I just like Sudoku and brain teasers (sometimes) because they help me see how far I can go with the puzzles — I have always loved puzzles and trying to bring all of the pieces together.

Wait…I think I just had an epiphany, lol. I have always loved storytelling, puzzles, finding solutions and determining strategies to win (and all gamers love doing that too, on various levels)….hmmm…I def believe I am in the right space as a marketer, just gotta see how far I can push this envelope so I can do all of these things and have fun every single day. Until then, I’m gonna keep playing my Virtual Villagers 3. Ciao!  🙂


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