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Where the hell is Matt?

I cannot believe I have never seen this full video until just now but it brought tears to my eyes and made me smile such a huge smile.

I think this guy Matt is pretty brilliant actually and I absolutely love what he did and how Stridegum.com helped him out.

Where the hell is Matt?

As I thought about his video, I thought about the value of inspiration and touching human lives. I thought about the deep importance of all of us connecting with each other, sharing with each other and learning from each other. I thought about the beauty of all of this and the deep value of inspiration — and how inspiration motivates people to be their authentic selves and contribute their full selves to the world. I mean, just look at the effect that Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture has had upon people everywhere. This man was talking about fulfilling your childhood dreams…and when are most like our full selves besides when we are children????

And I realized that if companies could understand this – they would never fail. If companies focused on helping people to fulfill their dreams, their passions, and their good intentions, they would literally be facilitators for inspiration. Literally. Am I demanding a tall order of companies? Yes, yes I am. But at this point in the world’s history, at this point where more and more people are way too aware of the possibility of being sold or scammed — doing the hard work and fulfilling this tall order is all that is left for companies. It is not impossible…it’s just hard.

So where the hell is Matt? Spreading inspiration and connecting with people everywhere….he is somewhere being authentically human.


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