I’m baaaaccckkk!

I’m baaaaccckkk! lol

I have so very much to share…and it has been a bit difficult for me to figure out where to begin…so here goes…

For the past month, I have been debating in what direction I should take this blog – should I use it as a platform for all of my digital marketing/communications geeky insights and ideas? Should I keep it as a place just to put all of my feelings, ideas, etc.? Should I merge both concepts? And if I do, will it make sense…will whoever is reading this understand that I have a passions for singing/writing/dancing/thoroughly expressing myself, motivating people and for finding solutions for people within the digital space? Would people get it all?

So, I have been hesistant to write or send my blog in the wrong direction…and I think I have figured things out, lol. I am going to leave it as it is. It continues to be a hodgepodge space for all of my passions, ideas, ups and downs because I need it to be that. I need it to be a space for me to be me, regardless of whether or not people get it. This space is where I lay myself out and find a space to fully and wholeheartedly express myself. So I figure, I will just keep it as it is and see what happens.

Besides, I think there is common thread in all of my passions – I like to help people. Be it by being a space for others to take steps towards their own dreams and passions or just that I am able to help someone better utilize the digital space…I am motivating people to be more, dream bigger and actually head down the path to manifest their dreams, ideas and passions. Do I sound like a fairy godmother or a naive, young woman? Maybe I do…but hey, its what works for me and what brings the ultimate level of joy to my heart.

So I toast this blog and my focus to press on with what resonates the most to me…and I am glad that I am finally back after my mini identity crisis, lol. Muah!

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