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I am singing…in public!!!

I am finally singing in public 🙂

I am not sure if I told you all, but I made a pledge to myself at the beginning of 2010.

I promised myself that I would do everything that excites and terrifies me.

And you know what has always absolutely terrified and excited me?

Singing in public and singing loudly (ie: from my diaphragm). And the thought of doing those two things scared the utter crap out of me all the while exciting me of what it could feel like to actually do it. Soooooo, I signed myself up in January for a weekend workshop which basically throws the participants into picking a song, practicing (out loud!) in front of the other participants, being open to their feedback and then performing the next night your song choice in front of a crowd of strangers (and hopefully some of your friends and family).

So, I signed myself up because I knew it was the only way I was going to force myself to face these fears. And I have to say that the workshop (it is called Take 2! with Jerry Fishman) was absolutely phenomenal and by far one of the best choices of my life (and a definite great way to kick off my pledge to myself). Above is the video of me singing out loud and in public one of my all time favorite songs…”Everything I Do, I Do It For You” by Bryan Adams.

It feels really great to be able to look at your fear and recognize that it really has  been telling you lies all of this time and to sit with it, understand that it is freaking out and then calmly move through it to do what you wanted to do all along. I encourage all of us to do it…it feels awesome.    🙂


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