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Reflection On: AgencySpy’s On Fear and Why the Advertising Business Will Forever Suck”

On Fear and Why the Advertising Business Will Forever Suck – mediabistro.com: AgencySpy

After reading this article from @agencyspy, I had to think to myself — am I going to face the same faceless fear of authority, lagging bureaucracy and mindless obedience regardless of what industry that I enter? And if I am going to face all of this — is there anyway to turn around the limited perspectives of these massive institutions that are stuck in fear?

Maybe….just maybe there is a way to turn these institutions around. I mean, take the advertising industry in this example. There was once a time when the bigwigs in the advertising industry thought that TV and male ad executives were the only way to go — and look at the shift that has occurred, right? It took a lot of work…it took a lot of frustration, irritation and cursing…but things have shifted. Things have most definitely shifted. Sooo…maybe I am not as impatient as I thought…but impatient enough to want to make a change.

I say all of this to remind those of us who are early adopters, who are always looking around the bend for the next amazing tool/trend/idea/innovation need to understand and accept that not everyone will get it…as a matter of fact, most people won’t get it…not until it is beaten on their heads a 1,001 times. And even then, many will still resist. It is why a lot of what I hear at @socialmediaweek, I already agree with or understand. It is because I get it and I am completely open to embracing it. But those who don’t get it and may be terrified of getting it — that conference is to inform them, even if it sounds repetitive to a lot of us. So be patient early adopters, lol. Keep sounding the alarm, clarifying things and pulling your weight — people will eventually get it. What we are doing is not in vain. As Seth Godin stresses — the world needs us…the world needs artists more than ever right now.

Or at least I have to keep telling myself that, otherwise I would have to kill my passion for compelling storytelling, social media, digital communications, community at work, connectivity, and true consumer-business relationships, lol.   😉

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