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Music + Digital Realm = My Slice Of Heaven

Lady Gagas Lessons for the Music Business – WSJ.com

“We Are All Fans” – Grammys’ Social Site

After viewing the Grammys’ site focused solely on the fans and what they share about artists and reading this WSJ.com article about Lady Gaga’s embrace of the digital space — I got really excited, lol.

Some may look at the weareallfans.com site and wonder what is the true purpose behind it. Some may also look at it as a waste of time. However, I believe that a lot of people will actually use to connect with each other, boost their favorite artists in regards to aggregated posts and to comment on The Grammys on January 31, 2010. Whether or not The Grammys is aggregating and tracking all of this data in an useful manner behind the scenes, The Grammys is paying attention to the legions of music fans worldwide and giving them a platform from which to feel even more connected to artists — which to me is how artists will thrive in the digitization of music…by providing fans and music lovers alike with experiences that bring them closer to the artist.

The wsj.com article about Lady Gaga provides great support for my position — Lady Gaga has had a phenomenal reach and rise in the music world simply because her fans feel connected to her…through free music, shoutouts from her, and her consistent focus on producing compelling content in all that she produces (live shows, clothes, released songs, etc..).

Everyone should take note from Lady Gaga’s playbook and The Grammys — the digital world is here to stay, it makes it that much easier for people to find/share/explore who you are…so be authentic, otherwise people will figure it out much sooner than you think. Business and brands — that includes you too.  😉

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