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To Have The iPad Or Not To Have? Doesn’t Matter…

10 Ways The Apple Tablet Will Change Your Life Forever

10 Reasons NOT To Buy The Apple Tablet

This is hilarious and illuminating to me — both of these articles were written and published so early in the morning…probably before Apple’s actual announcement of the iPad/Apple Tablet.

This simultaneous response from two camps surrounding Apple’s latest invention/contraption is why Apple is so successful. It is because Apple dares to lead, it dares to go out there and have fingers pointed at it and receive applause…and do amazing/not so amazing things, regardless of how others may feel. Now, Apple is also business savvy enough to be sure that someone out there (ie: book publishers such as McGraw-Hill) may actually gain a something substantial from this latest invention — so they are not completely making things up for the heck of it.

But they sure are doing more to lead the pack/be a heretic than a lot of their competitors — and for that I stand and give them a rousing round of applause. Whether or not this latest invention is useful to a large number of people…it has people talking. Whether or not there are several upgrades to this iPad (which there probably will be)…people are talking. Whether or not you care at all about Apple, its announcements and its products…people continue to talk.

And didn’t we say that word-of-mouth is and always has been THE single greatest form of marketing? In my book, regardless of how things turn out for Apple with the iPad — it is still a winner because they always manage to get people talking.

Are you out there, in the game for all eyes to see — regardless of what those on the sidelines may say? Or are you on the sidelines waiting for someone to tag you in?

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