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I got to thinking…

The other day a co-worker of mine posted this awesome link about this recent invention called “The Sixth Sense”, invented by a Ph.D. student at MIT named Pranav Mistry. He explains his invention at a TED Talk (which made him that much cooler in my eyes since I love TED Talks, lol). Anyways, this invention is basically one that can allow people to interact with digital media in the physical space — from using any physical surface as a projector screen to taking a picture with one’s hands.

The Sixth Sense

Now, when I viewed this link and watched the TED Talk — I was absolutely blown away by the possibilities of this invention and the advancement of technology. It made me think of Minority Report and then I started wondering if soon we would be using pre-cogs to predict crimes, etc. But I digress, lol. This invention, regardless of how it could be used in the wrong hands, is fascinating and just plain great. Please watch the link so you know what I am so excited about, lol. Could you imagine just taking a picture with your hands?! Or going to the grocery store and picking groceries that fit your preferences (ie: ecologically conscious, least pricey, etc.) without you having to research it before you left home? Or for people like me who always are Googling something, how great would it be for me to know the history behind a physical space OR the type of fish I am watching swim around OR even something as simple as reviews for another book I am about to buy????

Do you know what “The Sixth Sense” means for geeks like me? People who get excited when they meet other people who like to learn? LOL…oooo, just thinking about this invention makes me break out into a cheesy smile, lmao. But most of all, I have to agree with Pranav — an invention such as “The Sixth Sense” connects people so much more and allows for people to share their worlds with people everywhere, near and far. And the thought of having connectivity increased on such a level with a small device such as the camera that is at the crux of this invention? It just may mean that more people are forced to become more empathetic — yes, my inner hippie just peeked her head out, lol.

But think about what a greater sense of empathy would mean for brands? (Yes, my inner capitalist is out here too, lol). If people are focused on being more empathetic and connected, then brands have no choice but to follow suit if they want their businesses to thrive. Which then means that brands will be focused on telling authentic, engaging and cool stories in order to create a great experience for the customer — because what would convince me to buy from Brand A when Brand B is giving me the better experience? And maybe all of this excites me to no end because I am a digital communications geek…or maybe it is because I like creating stories (I am a Sims junkie for goodness’ sake!)…or maybe it is just because I like people and connecting with people and I want more people to have that great feeling too.

Who knows? All I know is that I am way too wired to go to bed right now because I have been talking about all of this stuff…lol…but must go to bed…going to see the mentee this afternoon! Yippee!! Okay….okay…I am done now. Nite!   😀

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