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Ability To Connect Now = Beauty Of Digital Media

In the aftermath of this massive earthquake that has Haiti (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/13/haiti-earthquake-capitol_n_421295.html), the outpouring support from people all over the world has been tremendous…and makes me want to cry from joy (trying not to tear up right now).

You see, we are all human beings. And all human beings, I don’t care how solitary one thinks he/she is, are social beings. The Internet and the evolution of tools for digital communication have made our inherent social needs blatant to all who pay attention. What is more amazing, to me, is the ability that digital media gives people to contribute, to help and to connect with people who they have never even met before. Twenty years ago, had an earthquake of this magnitude occurred anywhere in the world — people would have had to wait for institutions, authorities, what you have to instruct them on how they can help and how they can get involved.

But, thank God, that is not the case anymore. Now, with a simple text message from my phone, I can send money to the American Red Cross, Yele or any other organizations that have rallied to help Haiti in its desperate time of need. Heck, the fact that the Internet (via cnn.com, Huffingtonpost.com, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) brings news of what is going on in this world within minutes of an occurrence is absolutely phenomenal to me. Which means that we can reach out and help the Haitian people A LOT sooner than we would have been able to in years past.

With that said, I thank God for digital media and am even more committed to its growth. I know that a lot of it can be used for bad and that a lot of times people are just inundated with nonsense & overwhelmed with the amount of information that is produced thanks to digital media. However, at times of a tragedy of this magnitude or even just the smile that is brought to millions of faces from a marketing campaign done extremely well — there is an overwhelming sense of community felt from a shared event that is amplified because we have digital media at our fingertips. And for that alone…that sense of community that all of us human beings crave…I know that the field of digital communications/media/marketing and I are going to be really great friends for a long time to come, lol.

If you want to help Haiti in any way, please see the information below. Haiti, its people and their families are all in my prayers. Please help.

Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Helphttp://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/12/haiti-earthquake-relief-h_n_421014.html

Visit Yele.org to donate and find other ways to help

Visit https://american.redcross.org/ to donate and find other ways to help

On your phone

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 to Yele.org
Text the word "haiti" to 90999, it will automatically donate $10 to Red Cross, and post to your phone bill.

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