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Passion is NOT Overwhelming…

At least not at first glance.

I have been reading the “What Matters Now” e-book discussed by Seth Godin and thoroughly enjoying all of the fabulous contributions to said e-book. (You can directly download the e-book here). I have had some great revelations from this e-book but what stood out the most for me, especially as the writer of a blog that began focusing solely on finding one’s passion — is that we have set our expectations way too large for what our passion looks and feels like.

I have been walking around, searching for my passion — the one, true passion that would just fill me up with excitement, dedication, passion and conviction and I would finally know for sure that I was on the right path for my career and my life.

However, while reading this e-book, I learned that we have a tendency to idealize what our passion should feel like to us –> I mean, it is the magic word of the time. Everyone talks about it but very little articulate to you how they knew they were on the right path. The section in this e-book written by Derek Sivers, called “Passion” illuminates how we can tell if we are on the right path to finding a passion –> “just notice what excites you and what scares you on a small moment-to-moment level”.

That does not seem to overwhelming or difficult anymore, does it? I know for me, as soon as I read that, I completely got it and felt free from my former perspective. It just clicked that I didn’t have to make my passion into this singular, elusive, far-off entity — my passion(s) are with me every single day, I just have to pay more attention to them. All of our passions are with us, all of the time. AND, we all have at least one passion — all of us.

So, just pay attention to each day and those moments when it feels exciting, terrifiying and just down right intriguing. And then dig a little deeper…passion is not this thunder bolt from the sky, it is the pitter patter of rain drops falling on you that grow to be this rushing, overwhelming, consuming feeling and conviction that so many people describe. It may not be your passion forever, but trust that it is your passion right now.

Just curious: after reading this, are you aware of some areas that you are passionate about that you never regarded as your passion before? Or even better, are you looking at activities that you knew were passions with a renewed sense of certainty that you are digging in the the right direction?

Please share your thoughts. 🙂

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