Oops…I did it again ;-)

I think I did it again….lol….dammit, I did it again!


I have found some more gold…got a bit of a rumbling a bit closer to my heart…got a stronger vibration of what feels right for me to be doing with my life…hot damn, I think I did it again, lol.

Yes..yes, this may all sound crazy to you…but for those of you who are peeling back the layers of yourself and are just trusting that feeling you get, that lets you know you are headed in the right direction on this path called life — you know why I sound so crazy.

To get that calm yet highly energized feeling in your body…be it just in your heart or all over…you know, you just KNOW, that you are in the right space, reading the right words or even learning about the right topic. You just know that if you dig a bit deeper, if you go a bit further, you are going to taste victory. You are going to be victorious in this long trial to get you to this point, where you are trusting your instincts, God’s rumblings and that warm sense of peace…you are trusting it more and more each day. In spite of what other’s may think of you. In spite of how your family or friends may worry. You are trusting.

And as you trust each day…as you place your trust in this feeling every single day…you stumble upon something a bit more revealing that confirms you are on the right path. And that confirmation?! That confirmation feels oh so good!

So that’s why I sound so crazy…and that’s why I am so excited…it is because I am really feeling great right now…although I should be sleeping, lol.

LOL…I just wanted to share that…because it is important to share these moments — because I know someone out there is either feeling the exact same thing, already completely trusts that feeling or is wondering whether or not to trust that feeling. Trust me on this one…trust the feeling. It will not lead you astray.

Night for now y’all…ciao!

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