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Ignore Those “Barriers”….

Just sitting in on the free webinar from IntroNetworks, “The 8 Networking Competencies You Need to Know: Conversation with author Lynne Waymon”, and I have to say just one thing before I go any further with this post. IntroNetworks is truly great about these free webinars — it has been such a source of information (and great books to read) and I love the fact that it is highly accessible.

Okay, now on to my original thought. While sitting on the webinar (and in reflection of my thoughts from last night), I realized that networking can be most impactful when you are clear on what you are trying to convey to people. This means the very first step of what Ms. Lynne Waymon conveyed — capitalize on your style — includes paying attention to who you are, what works for you and then using that to your advantage.

I bring all of this up because, of course, I have had a reflection into what is going on in my own personal life, lol. I know what is important to me and what I have to focus on when I network with people…always bring forward how important it is to me that I engage with individuals, companies and situations where passion, purpose and profit are all clear — I am a firm believer that passion, purpose and profit all have to live together in order for any idea to grow. Otherwise, the idea will flounder if it is not fueled by passionate people, if it lacks a clear goal, or if it does not have some funding to get it off the ground.

And it was not until last night that I finally understood that none of them were mutually exclusive but that there are lots of people out there just like me, who believe this and who are working to grow this niche/space — and that was such a great feeling. Which is why I sounded so crazy last night (https://passionisyourcareer.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/oops-i-did-it-again/). It was because I finally got that I did not have to give up my passion for life/love/connectivity/humanity, my purpose of helping people nor my desire to help companies make a profit — I can and will do all three in my career. And that excites me beyond everything I can think of.

So what does this mean for you? This just means — don’t let any “barriers” in front of you force you to deny a part of yourself, a part of yourself that you sense must be fulfilled in your career. Don’t believe that you must give up something that you care about just in order to fit a job…NO. If you sense that a job does not fit you, if a company does not fit you and you sense something is off…follow that feeling. It means that you are denying something that is essential to yourself and you have a duty to yourself and your life to find out what that is — so then you can go out and find where it is honored.

I am done for now…now, to put these networking tools to work….talk to you all later. 😉

Check out www.twitter.com/ContactsCount or the link below for more information their 8 Networking Competencies — it is quite helpful if you want to be more effective with your networking.


Also, check out IntroNetworks.com for any webinars that you may be interested in — they are great!

“I am one with the heart of an activist, the soul of a dreamer and the mind of a capitalist — melding purpose, passion and profit…as far as I am concerned, it is the only way to live this beautiful blessing called life.” – Me

  1. December 1, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    What a nice thing to say about us, thank you.

    I am thrilled to read such a post and know that our webinars are making a difference (and adding to book sales for our guests) in your life.

    I learned a lot from Lynne today as well and even though I would say I am a power-networker there are definately some things I can do even better. As @tonyrobbins says, “You should live your life in a state of CANI. Continuous and neverending improvement”. That’s the theme of our life and I guess it is showing in how we pick our conversations each month.

    If your readers want to listen to the webinar, we offer free replays as well at http://intronetworks.com/webinars.aspx – they can also sign up for new webinars there.

    Mark Sylvester
    CEO, introNetworks

  2. December 7, 2009 at 4:17 pm

    HI – Yes, it’s important to go with your style and make the most of it. Sometime introverts think they can’t network comfortably. Not so! Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Katherine Grahm, the publishing giant are all introverts. Mike Nichols, the playright and humorist said, “I’m a site specific extrovert.” I think he means that when he needs to, he can extrovert.
    So re-frame how you hold networking and, in addition to reading Make Your Contacts Count, watch people who are good at connecting to see how to handle various situations. Warm Regards, Lynne Waymon, CEO, Contacts Count

  3. Sofs
    December 9, 2009 at 3:24 am

    Thank you both so much for reading this blog post and commenting on it — I definitely appreciate it!

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