We all evolve…

I believe in the evolution of people….in people’s growth into who they were always meant to be. The evolution of human beings, past the roles that we all believe we have to perform, past the perceptions we believe we have to maintain in order to keep people feeling comfortable, past the societal constructions of who we are believed to be….past all of that. I believe because I have seen it with my own two eyes. I have experienced it myself…the lightness of being.

It has that feeling you sense or have when you have let go of the baggage, let go of what other people think of you, let go of the heaviness of the world and forge ahead. This is not your soul’s declaration that the baggage won’t accumulate again, that you will not worry again what people will think of you, nor that the heaviness of the world will not drag you down again in the near future.


This feeling is one that is a manifestation of your understanding that life is hard, that people can be terrible, that situations can completely alter your life and make you want to retract into yourself and hide from the world — BUT, you continue to forge ahead and continue to keep yourself open to the world IN SPITE of the pain, fear and doubts.


You keep yourself open because you have hope. Not that blind hope where you cannot see the terrible things, actions and words…but that you maintain your hope because you know you want more from this life, you see more for this world and for those surrounding you…you hope for more, for something better, for a bigger vision. This is what hope feels like…this is what the lightness of being is. And it feels amazing.

It is not easy to sustain, but it gets easier each day, it gets better each day…and I smile a bit wider each day. And you can do the same — trust me on this. You have to remember and have faith that there is more for you in this life than living a life where you are controlled by your fears, doubts and insecurities. Trust me on this one. Trust me. So, try it. Try to imagine that your dreams can actually come true. That dream you have to sing? To dance? To write? To heal people? To be a space of love for another individual? To enjoy your workspace? To give a mind-blowing, inspiring presentation? To encourage other people? To travel the world? To design/create clothes? To make people around you smile? To do anything you please, everyday of your life?

Yea…those dreams….imagine what life would be like if you didn’t automatically assume they could/would not become true? Imagine that. Now hold onto it and remember that it is going to be hard but that you will evolve to a point where you will no longer be scared of holding onto and saying your dreams out loud. Trust me on this one. Just keep imagining and holding on…you will get there.


Because we all evolve…whether or not we realize it. 😉

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