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Embracing Creativity


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I had to share this article because it is a direct reflection of the growth I have been experiencing over the last month and a half. I have been invisible for awhile now because I lost sight of why I was writing this blog – hell I wasn’t even sure of my entire focus when I started this blog…but now I know and embrace my purpose, starting with this blog as my platform to reach people.

Creativity and generosity are very important to me…these two words are actually the spaces that energize me the most and I finally get that I need to embrace these strong spaces in my life, in order to strengthen all aspects of my life. I began this blog thinking that I would be giving people advice on how to survive and thrive in the job search process. What instead I have found is that this blog is to be a space where I embrace, share and encourage creativity in all of its forms & spaces. To me, creativity is everywhere and within everyone. And I believe that I am here to not only further dive into my own creative gifts but to also help others do the same. I believe that when individuals, on singular and collective levels, can explore and develop their own creative energy that they flourish as unique individuals. Unique individuals are not only aware but assured in the gifts with which they have been blessed. And when you have individuals who are aware and assured in themselves, you have individuals who are most focused on their gifts…which only leads to them contributing their most authentic selves to this world. And really, I just want people to be their authentic, positive selves – there are too many broken people in this world and I just want to do my part to turn that foolishness around…call me a hippie, but it is what I truly believe especially when I see all of these people who hate their empty, disconnected lives.

So yes…this is what I am focusing on with this beautiful online platform. Come on and enjoy the ride with me. 😉

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