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Sing caged bird, sing…

I am a bird, flying higher and higher

Soaring for that bright light at the end of the tunnel

I am a songbird, singing my song of love and hope

Sending my sound as far and as wide as possible

I know why the caged bird sings…I know why the caged bird sings

Not being able to fly is torture to the caged bird

A constant reminder of the inability to spread her soul everywhere

But not being able to sing?! 

That would mean death for the dear caged bird.

No voice? No song to tell her story, to explain her life?

This would be a death of her soul.

And so she sings…she sings to keep her soul alive.

To share her soul with the world and to tell the story of her being.


Isn’t that why all of us are on this Earth? To tell the stories of our beings? To share our souls with the world? Be it just with one person or with 1 million persons — we are here to share our souls. To connect with other human beings, write our own stories in this one chance we will ever get and to share our stories. Because we do not exist until we share ourselves – why? We all exist in language…language is what keeps us alive and keeps us remembered long after our bodies are gone to dust. So if we cannot share our stories, share our souls — we are walking dead. 

So, yes, I know why the caged bird sings. 

I am that caged bird…I just keep singing until my body is free to go and do all that it wants. For now, my voice, my stories, my songs will carry my body and soul to all who can hear it. 


So encourage all of you — keep on singing, keep on telling the story of your life, keep on speaking about your dreams, goals, and your future. Trust me, you keep on sharing it and you will literally bring it all into existence.

Tell me, who can resist the song of the caged bird?

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