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I am like Ariel…

I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I used to take my voice for granted and thought it would never leave me. But then I graduated from college and lost my voice in all the chaos surrounding me and the pressures of so many others around me – people I entrusted with my voice because I did not trust myself. 

But now I am learning how important my voice is to me. How much I need her and how very distinct and unique she is — she is me. And no one else can use her and guide her in the way that I can…because no one else is the rightful owner. Only I am the rightful owner. Only I understand her past the point of words. Only I can make her rise and fall…give her the essence that can fulfill her completely. Because you see…she is me. And no one can be me…no one else but me. 

So, I feel like Ariel…getting my voice, relishing how it feels to have what I once thought I could never lose. And now that I know what it means to lose her…I am focused on being completely sure never to lose her again.

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