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Oh Advice…lol

Isn’t it always easier to give advice than to actually apply your own advice? 

I know I ALWAYS do this. I give lots of advice to my loved ones, friends, and even coworkers who I barely talk to. And yet, there I am, upfront and center, giving out advice if people solicit it from me. 

I think I do it so much because I want people to be happy and I try my best to help people be happy. But sometimes, I just need to focus on my own self. Not to be selfish or anything like that — but simply to be sure that I am carefully listening to my own inner voice instead of blasting it out to everyone else…lol. 

I am going to work on that…work on truly listening to my inner voice and following my own damn advice. It just may help me along the way in this crazy space called life. 


Sidenote: I bought my most expensive pair of shoes EVER today (Emporio Armani sandals — since when did any of this stuff matter to me??). Am I crazy for doing it? Yep. Do I have a whole bunch of money to spend like that? Nope. Do I feel guilty about it? Not at all. 😉  See how I don’t follow my own advice??? LOL

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