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Completely free and whole.

Yaaayy!!! I made it before the 12 midnight deadline — I am really trying to keep up with blogging everyday but sometimes when the internet cuts out for no damn reason, it leaves one alone with her thoughts and no blog to accompany her. 

Anyways, I am back in full effect (for now, lol). 

As I was thoroughly enjoying the Wingate Theatre concert this evening, with Jazmine Sullivan and Robin Thicke, I was reminded of how very much I adore, love, exalt, and envelop myself in music. Music has always sustained me. It has kept me awake when I had lots of papers to write and tests to study for. It kept me happy when I was in an extremely negative work environment. It keeps me going and reminds me of how much we all evolve as people and still how much we do not know. It gives me life and it shows me new aspects of myself as I grow.

Music has ALWAYS been there for me…ALWAYS

So, as I was on my way home, I decided that I am going to stop chasing my tail on this like I have been doing for the past 2 years (amazing how time flies, huh?).

I am going to pursue a career in music. 

Will I be singing? songwriting? producing? recording? negotiating contracts? defending clients? building relationships? promoting concerts? marketing events? enhancing online networks? dancing? 

I am not sure what all of my job details will entail — I will let that develop as time goes on. But I am most definitely certain that music is where I need to be. 

I mean, seriously, I gotta stop lying to myself and acting as if anything else will satisfy my soul. Nothing else has and quite frankly nothing else will. Music has always given me a space to feel completely free and whole — and when you have that feeling, you don’t just toss it to the side and chalk it up to a random hobby. NO. You pursue that feeling with your whole heart, mind, body and soul. 

I am not saying to up and quit right away, lol. Don’t y’all say that I said to just up and quit your job. Move at your own pace, no matter how slow or fast. But do be sure that you don’t put that feeling on the backburner — that feeling is your soul speaking up and begging you to pay attention. So feed your soul and put that feeling in the front of your face and follow it wherever it leads you.

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