Breathe. It is the simplest and hardest thing to do sometimes…but trust, with each breath comes a new sense of life.

As I sit here at work, listening to Anna Nalick’s “Breathe” — a song which I absolutely adore, it strikes me again how important it is for us to remember to breathe.

The entire song is about life and all of its complications, about human pain, beauty, strength, and rejuvenation. We are human beings. That is all we can be — this and nothing more. And although this sounds very finite and maybe even sad, it is quite empowering. Understanding one’s humanness, you recognize that you can only do so much. You can only take on so much. You can only push through so much. You can only continue on with a brave face for so long. And it is okay. IT IS OKAY. You will be alright. You will survive.

You will survive through the pain, through the hurt, through the craziness, through the happiness, through the ectasy, through it all — you will survive. As long as you keep breathing, you will survive. And I know we all forget that, we all forget it most of the time…I know I do.

But when you remember to breathe, when you remember that it all comes back to breathing — you smile to yourself. You smile because you know that you will be alright in the end of it all. You will be alright. And knowing that, having that certainty in the midst of any storm, any joy, anything…is as beautiful as any realization you can stumble upon.

So…just breathe. 🙂

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