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I Pledge To Sing…

I love to sing.

I sing to myself at work, on the bus, on the train, dancing around my house, in the car, in the shower, while cleaning…whatever I am doing 99% of the time singing brings me great joy. And I have ALWAYS dreamed of singing in front of people and inspiring them with my voice and music. 

I absolutely love music…with all of my heart. I love the self-expression inherent in its creation and performance. I have an ear for the various sounds in a song and can usually determine the lyrics of a song upon my first time hearing it. I am not writing all of this to impress anyone but simply to write it down, for myself, how very important and influential music is in my life.

With that said, I think you can guess that music is a very deep passion for me…but one I am terrified of the most. Can I actually sing out loud in front of loads of people, by myself? Will I even sound good? Do I need vocal training to truly maximize my vocal potential? Or do I just throw myself into it? Do I even know the first thing about recording? If I sing, if I try to sing for a living, what will that mean for me? What will my family and friends think? Is it the “practical” approach to life? Will I just be eating out a can of beans for the rest of my life? Will I just flop? Or will I soar? And if I soar, how high could I possibly go?

As you can tell, I have a lot of hang-ups when it comes to one of my greatest passions. I mean, I have even joined Meetup.com groups regarding singing to try and encourage myself to get out there. But I have not budged.

SO, I am finally making a pledge to myself (and I guess to all of you, whoever you may be), to sing publicly (by myself) before the end of this year 2009. I am pledging to sing a full song in front a group of family/friends/strangers.

Any suggestions to help me keep me this pledge? Or have any of you made any pledges to yourself to fulfill your own passions/dreams? Any you would like to make now? Please share! 

  1. July 18, 2009 at 9:54 pm

    Well a life coach might help. But if you can’t afford one – get a person you trust to hold you accountable. A person that will not be afraid to call you on your shit if you back down. And give them what the consequences should be for not following through. Should be something that has real value.

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